My work mostly includes copies of antique furniture, new furniture and restored antique furniture. Thanks to a fully equipped modern workshop and 16 years of experience in making custom-made furniture I’m able to produce modern custom-made furniture as well.

I have 30 years of experience in making furniture, 14 of which I’ve been doing antique furniture reproductions, restoring and making copies. I highly value the classical woodwork skills and handicraft.

When producing copies and reproductions of antique furniture I use traditional woodwork and refinishing techniques – meaning that furniture is made as it was a hundred years ago. Wood joints aren’t simplified (screws and dowels are not used). I mostly use different versions of dovetail depending on the era.

The refinishing varies depending on the object. I use shellac , oils, waxes and the carpenter’s glue.

When it comes to wood I mostly use hardwood and hardwood veneers such as oak, walnut, different mahoganies and rosewood depending on the style of the furniture. For painted furniture I use birch. Upholstery furniture acquires traditional  coil springs, eelgrass, horse hair, a cord and nails appropriate for the era.

I make new  modern furniture using the latest techniques and equipment. In that case I also use modern, industrial, two-component resistant varnish and paints in the refinishing.